Masons lay cornerstone at Riversink Elementary

The laying of cornerstones began in the days of King Solomon according to Mason Lodge officials. Cornerstone ceremonies have been in the United States since George Washington laid the first cornerstone at the capital. On Friday, August 30, Mason representatives from all over the State of Florida met at Riversink Elementary to lay the schools' cornerstone.

Superintendent David Miller welcomed the Masons to Riversink. He noted, "Since I have been Superintendent, the Masons have laid the cornerstones for Medart Elementary, Riversprings Middle School and the new Crawfordville Elementary School. We are honored to have them lay the cornerstone now for Riversink." Grand Master Joe Fleites from Miami said, "I am very proud to have been invited. Masons are very civic minded. Anytime Masons are asked to lay a cornerstone or be involved with civic functions, we do everything possible to participate."